Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Magic in November

Let's face it, October was a little bit of hell for me.

Midterms, uncertainty about whether or not I could finish school next semester, preparing to move my Grandma in with us, campaigning for my dad's election, guy problems, car problems--you name it, it happened.

When November turned the corner though, my mood improved like magic. Not that life stopped being crazy but my annual fall depression evaporated and slunk away to wait for next October.

November has embraced me with arms of comfort, joy, and contentment.

  • It snowed! Didn't stick but hey, I live in the South and it's always exciting to see snow.
  • Finally passed a test in one class pulling my grade up from a C to a high B. All the rest are A's. 4.0, here I come!
  • Got to spend a weekend with my best friend who lives several hours away
  • Played Aux. Perc. 2 for a community band concert (oh the joys of working for our community music center--I get ordered to play whatever random percussion they need even though my primary instrument is the violin. The band adores me for it though. :) )
  • Harvested 27 bell peppers off  2  plants right before the hard frost
  • Had a concert I wanted to attend but didn't want to afford--a friend got sick and gave me his ticket in exchange for me promising to play a prank on him. Can't beat that price!
  • Am going to play accompaniment for our community choir concert (violin-not percussion!)
  • Filled out my application for graduation
  • Went hiking with a friend past the "Road Closed" barriers...
  • Got a new Lindsey Sterling CD to listen to on my long drives to and from school

Nothing big has happened, just lots of good little things. God is good!

How has your November been? 


  1. Oh, that sounds like a wonderful month so far. The little things are the big things! That's amazing about the concert ticket ;D

    My November has been me trying to focus and what I'm doing and not stressing over the rest. Writing for Nano, working full time, some social life, and trying to find time to sleep is hectic ;D


    1. Sounds like you've been pretty busy! Hope you have a wonderful December!


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